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Frequently Asked Questions

We are unable to pay the travel expenses to fly a family member receiving special medical treatment. Will Alaska Airlines or Horizon waive the travel fees due to financial hardship, or assist in any way? Show/Hide

Do you provide discounted airfare for large groups or non-profit organizations? Show/Hide

Why have you declined my request when I am not asking for a financial contribution - just airline tickets? Show/Hide

I have frequent flyer miles and would like to donate them to a charity. How can I do this? Show/Hide

We are holding a high school grad night and looking for donations for our raffle. Will Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air provide a donation?Show/Hide

My child was selected to attend a national conference for his outstanding academic achievement. Will Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air consider covering his/her travel expenses? Show/Hide

My company, club or organization is participating in a cancer walk to raise money for cancer research. Will you sponsor our team? Show/Hide

Will you waive cargo fees if we are transporting medical supplies or donations for a charitable cause? Show/Hide

My child's little league team has qualified for championship playoffs and is looking for an airline sponsorship to fly the team to their games. Does this qualify for corporate giving? Show/Hide